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All Game Trail Owners are invited to the annual association business meeting on Saturday, September 12.  A picnic will follow.  Details about the meeting are being mailed to each owner and should arrive within the month.


Each year, the Board works with the Commons Committee and Miles Construction to develop a plan for Game Trail road repair and maintenance. The following frequently asked questions are answered in-full on the Commons Committee page.

Q: What causes the washboard effects on the roads?
Q: What are the options for fixing washboards in our area?
Q: What can be done to prevent washboards?
Q: Why do Durablend applications work in some areas but not others?
Q: What does it mean to “crown” the road and “pull” the ditches?
Q: Is “crowning” and “pulling” done in Game Trail, and if so, why doesn’t it work as well as it does in the Midwest?
Q: What conditions are required before roads can be effectively graded?
Q: What binder is available on Game Trail roads?
Q: How much moisture is needed to work on Game Trail roads effectively?
Q: What are the road plans for this year?
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Game Trail Association is the Homeowners' Association that is responsible for the maintenance of the common property in Game Trail, a Colorado Mountain Community.  Located on the east side of the Sawatch Mountain Range of the Continental Divide in the Upper Arkansas River Valley just northwest of the Town of Buena Vista, Game Trail enjoys temperate weather with a wide range of outdoor recreation to enjoy in every one of the four seasons.  The elevation of Game Trail provides unmatched views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Check out the Image Gallery for pictures of the scenery, Game Trail life, and local wildlife.


To protect the elk migration patterns in the Upper Arkansas Valley, a section of Game Trail is an elk preserve with an elk corridor where no development will occur.  The 300-400 elk that winter in the valley can find refuge in Game Trail while foraging in the meadows and enjoying the winter sun.

Information about living in the Game Trail community is concisely presented in the Living in Game Trail pamphlet.
 Living in Game Trail Pamphlet

Jan Johnson is the GTA Financial and Administrative Assistant.  She may be reached at 719-395-2742 or janlmenj2014@gmail.com or GTAAdmin@gametrailassn.org.

Information about the Buena Vista community can be found by exploring the community links to other websites not affiliated with Game Trail.

GTA News and Events
Game Trail Photos
Community Links
Map of Game Trail